About Us

Hey everyone, thank you for visiting our page and checking out our products.  I started making soap after realizing that naturally made soap is like night and day compared to the big box store "soap." My son and myself both have eczema and there are so many things that can set off a rash or irritation. Soap shouldn't be one of those things! Soap is suppose to be cleansing and conditioning, not irritating. So I started down the rabbit hole of soap making. I found that I really enjoyed the process and even more, the results. I handed out bar soap to family and friends and decided I'd try my hand selling locally.

During this time I had discovered the great hobby of wet shaving. Shaving was always a hassle for me. Razor burn, general irritation, and bumps were pretty common. I had done some reading on how resolve irritation and found multiple dermatologist recommended a single bladed razor. Not long afterwards I bought my first wet shaver kit for Father's Day and I never looked back. Zero irritation and no more bumps or breakouts. After a while I was curious if I could make a decent shaving soap. After multiple attempts and fighting with the hard water at home, I finally had a product that I hope many guys and gals will enjoy. 

And so here we are! Thanks again for stopping by and keep checking back for new products.